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Autumn 2015 Newsletter  

May / June  2015  

In this Autumn Edition, we focus on getting ready for the Cool months by putting soothing, warming touches in your house.

Michelle  Schaefer writing, together with Karen Schaefer Louw making your decorating experience extra SPECIAL, helping you to create DREAM Rooms to live in, and bringing you our ever-improving, STUNNING On-Line Shop. Welcome to Autumn 2015. 

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-      Colours to warm up the house as the cold approaches

-      Work an Indoor Garden Room into your space

-      Blue and White Décor up to the present

-      Treatment of blankets pre-winter


As the leaves turn from green to gold, we are surrounded by burnished colours. Copper is virtually the seasonal answer to warming your décor and incidentally copper has emerged as hot fashion news in interior decorating. Copper tones- burnt orange, brushed or polished in bowls, vases, in touches on furniture, in mirrored furniture. It glows and reflects the colours outside creating a fiery ambience to carry you into the heart of winter with no stress. Work this look by adding rich, heavy textures – heavy silk and velvet – in deep tones of copper, cocoa and chocolate brown, against blonde wood. Copper in lighting also gives a warm glow. For CONTRAST / ACCENT :- the colours that are sympathetic with, or compliment, copper are -> pewter, teal, silver and judicious use of sapphire, lapis lazuli, cobalt or royal blue.

If these colour combinations seem too overwhelming, or should budgetary constraints not allow completely doing a room over seasonally, then the answer is to bring in copper and its accents/ contrasts on small décor items, scatter cushions, and throws. A biscuit or cream based neutral interior still looks warm and inviting, yet can also benefit from this treatment seasonally. See our Throws&Scatters.

     Scandinavian ~ Nordic Colour

Another very beautiful, and ultimately very successful, decorating idea is to “steal” the intense jewel colours which add warmth, such as true red and warmest blue, and to use it in stark white interiors with a Gustavian feel such as one sees in traditional Scandinavian interiors. Remember that there are both reds and blues in the “warm” as well as “cold” spectrum of colour. Filter wintry light through filigree-like light or modern lace-edged curtains, maximizing what light and sunlight is available, and use light furniture in the Scandinavian Style. One part of this décor brings in the “cold” colour spectrum, whilst the other celebrates a contrast by bringing in the “warm” spectrum. This is an Alpine touch, evoking ice yet comforting and cosy, a sleek look.

         Blue and White

An all-white interior will never go out of favour and is again very popular at the moment. We shall explore this look in greater detail in a next issue. The lure of blue and white décor is timeless, and it makes a timely, easy transition into the winter months. Chairs may be given upholstery in rugged fabrics in all shades of deep blue; chunky, velvety or woollen texture (depending on taste and degree of “fineness” in décor), come in via scatters and accessories. Interior Décor & Design can assist you with any re-upholstery, we also custom-make headboards and upholstered furniture, and we have beautiful Throws in our Online Shop, as well as Blue-and-White Pots.

        A Short History of Delft (Blue&White) Pottery to present

This tin-glazed pottery was made in the Netherlands (around are of Delft) from the 16 th century onwards. It traditionally included plates, ornaments, and tiles.  Earliest work was made in Antwerp by the Italian Potter Guido da Savino in about 1500. From 1640 onwards, Delft potters began using personal monograms and distinctive factory markings. Authentication of pieces thus became possible, as a system of proper identification of works developed. This is very significant.

A Guild of St Luke was established. A clay rich in calcium compounds, allowed refinement of the techniques, and turning out of finer items.

Tin glaze was then covered by clear glaze, giving softness to the cobalt blues. The Dutch East India Company (which also established a trading post in Africa at that period) permitted through its international trade routes, an importation of excellent Chinese porcelains. After the death of the Wanli Emperor in 1620, supply of good Chinoiserie was interrupted, creating an impetus for the production of Delftware designs based on solid Chinese classic originals, to start. An estimated eight hundred million tiles were also produced over 2 centuries (17 th and 18 th cent.). Today, Delfts Blauw is the brand name hand painted on the bottom of ceramic pieces as an ultimate  distinguishing mark, rendering them collectible. Museums which house very good pieces of Delftware, include the Pushkin Art Museum in Russia and the Musee’ des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Private houses and palaces that contain good examples of blue-and-white “rooms” are the kitchens of the Hospice Comtesse in Lille, Amalienburg in Nymphenburg Palace. There is also a reconstitution done online of the Trianon de Porcelaine at Versailles. It follows that the rarity value of true Delft may place it outside of the pocket of but the richest of world collectors, but the householder may obtain good realistic reproductions, also in our Online Shop where we have pots&vases at most reasonable prices.

Blue-and-white décor is today used in a vastly more modern, less cloying and unfussy manner by creating simple, earthy backdrops for carrying pieces; by placing pieces in an organic, unstructured setting; and also by combining pieces with lighter, more whimsical and even humorous objet d'art. In this way, blue-and-white remains popular.

         GET THE LOOK

 This look works well in this earthy setting. Get the Impala Head  featured in the moodboard, and Blue Vases, from our Online Shop.  We are available to help you place objects, in any décor scheme.


         Creating an Indoor Garden Room

There can be no more alluring way to introduce cheer into darkening days and lengthening nights in autumn, than to bring in PLANTS and gorgeous FOLIAGE, in an authentic Green Room in the house, often with the concept of a living green wall as is very popular now. Such a green room can work even where there are space constraints, since it can be either an interior room giving onto the light, or a balcony / verandah connecting with garden. What was previously called the conservatory, rather coyly, now gets a new lease of life and an ultra-modern treatment with contemporary plants, vases and urns, good statuettes, furniture in wicker, rattan, metal or wood, plants.

There are two ways in which to approach the Green Room concept:- Firstly, by usage of silk trees, flowers, bonsai and rarities, when the initial investment is greater but these are ”lifetime” plants around which a lasting green scheme can be constructed. See our Online Shop for good examples of solid, popular orchids and other rarities which do not date. Choose plants that you feel you can live with for a time, to realize the investment. They are however utterly beautiful, more than justifying outlay in terms of joy given. See Silk Flowers Online Shop.

If you opt to decorate a green room in this manner, the décor scheme ought naturally to be more delicate – raw, wild silk cushions (eco-friendly silk) on wicker or hyacinth reed chairs, or chintzes if you like the traditional look. The floor tiles, wall treatment, and wall art, pots and all other elements must harmonise for a lighter look. The second, very accessible and more robust look for a green room can be achieved by bringing in real plants, and living green walls. This is an organic indoor garden look – rough surfaces, irregular textures, reclaimed woods, all live here. See our stunning Reclaimed Bench. It calls for a dramatic, but entirely natural, touch. Geometric prints in bold colours come in via cushions on wood furniture, reclaimed pieces, and metal. The French Provincial Look in garden furniture also works with real plants. See our exquisite and most reasonably priced pieces in all these categories. We are also able to make up scatter cushions to order, and we do placement of pieces in rooms, if so desired.

The Garden Room brings enduring happiness to the house, in colder weeks. It also keeps us in touch with nature. Place pots with citrus fruits, cloves and ivy in the garden room to connect with the meaning of the coming season. To get these looks featured here, please do look at our Patio Section and our Rugs - Persian and Modern. Online Shop. 



Another important item on the to-do list now, is to check blankets, purchase new where necessary, and to wash and ready bed linens, cushions, and duvets. Take the heaviest blankets out of storage, on a good sunny day, wash and air dry. Treat for pile build-up by adding glycerine to the rinse water, and follow our other tips in the laundry articles we run from time to time in our newsletters. Always remember that the two primary enemies of fur pile and fluffy blankets, are in brief -  heat and soap. To eliminate the former, air dry where possible unless manufacturer warranty states otherwise. To deal with the latter, be sure that rinsing of the blanket is very thorough. Brush the dried blankets well, store with lavender discs. We have lovely Luxury Blankets and Lavender Discs for sale in our Online Shop. Click here !



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       Happy Decorating until We Meet Again !