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Easter 2015 Newsletter  

March / April 2015  

In this Special Edition, Our Launch Issue, we focus on Bedrooms - Easter Catalogue - Touches for Your Home  

Welcome to our new website. We are reconstructing, adding products, and continually attempting to improve service levels to YOU, our valued client.  

Michelle  Schaefer writing, together with Karen Schaefer Louw making your decorating experience extra SPECIAL, helping you to create DREAM Rooms to live in,  and bringing you our ever-improving, STUNNING On-Line Shop. Welcome to Easter 2015. 

Are you ready for a few Decorating Challenges ? 

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      Emphasis on Easter  

With the colder winds drawing in, the leaves scurrying across our paths, and thoughts turning to approaching turn of season, we all need now to cast a weather eye toward making our homes snug, cosy and nice to cocoon in .. it is time to re-assess our Fabrics, pack out Throws, and re-assess all items, consider cosier Scatter Cushions and look at luxurious Furs to drape and dress our Chairs, Sofas  and Beds. Carpets, Rugs and Runners underfoot, also need looking at.   

With Easter in mind, we have put together a gorgeous Easter Catalogue, with excellent prices up to 50% off - having sourced the market for some sweet ornaments redolent of sentimental side of Easter, a few new lines of products, and a few practical products, for your lifestyle. Happy Browsing ...   

As promised, in this edition speak more of BEDROOMS, their place in our lives, and how to make them  : ~beautiful ~ relaxing ~ sensuous.  


If you like this headboard, we can make it up for you at Interior Decor and Design ... also see our beautiful lounger in a similar style

What a Special Place a Bedroom is !  

In every other room of the house, you can place your personality stamp, your decorating touch, your domestic image - but usually, other rooms are still communal spaces. Bedroom, though, is private - serene - special - your own, as a person or as a couple, the one place you are entitled to banish others from. Is your bedroom special ? Did you make it into a Sanctuary ? Did you decorate it to your Heart's Desire, with shapes and colours that please you? Do you truly relax in it, and forget the world ...


For a bedroom to be the best place it can be, it must be ... serene, uncluttered, sublime ... A wise sage once said - banish from your bedroom all business papers, all stressful conversations, all toxic media messages - but not all of us will, or can, go so far (though it must be said, this sage advice works)   

Just, re-assess the space. Take steps to make it calm, peaceful (or stimulating ?)  

1.                   Consider the light  

Glare at the window? Look at a window dressing, blind or special solution to filter light, for those afternoons when this is appropriate. We can make up blinds for you. Also, consider – is the artificial light friendly ?  

Consider softer light, look at Lamps, Lights, Chandeliers

2.                   Consider textures  

Texture is possibly more vital in the bedroom, than anywhere else. The raw, ORGANIC look is very big in decorating now, with Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Eco-Friendly Chandeliers, and Reclaimed Furniture, being important décor news. By all means, do incorporate organic elements into the bedroom, and look at natural carpeting and rug options. Contemporary Rugs.  

Always bear in mind that in the bedroom, some softness of texture is vital to obtain an ultimately relaxing ambience – soft fabrics, surfaces and textures, and silky touches. Bring in soft Scatters (link), for example. Quirky accessories, bold colours, and interesting texture must work together to form an eclectic space. Daybeds / ottomans (link) can be cunningly, softly draped.  

3.                   Colour and Design  


What are good colour combinations for bedrooms ? Bedroom colour and décor schemes are diverse, and many;-  I limit myself to a few timeless looks that have always worked :-  

I.                    ORGANIC  

II.                  BLACK and WHITE  

III.                PINK FEMININE  


V.                  HOLLYWOOD LUXE  

VI.                VINTAGE  

VII.              MINIMALISTIC   


We have already highlighted the popularity of this look.  Au naturel  is its cornerstone. Foundational colours are biscuits, cocoa, toast, caffe latte tones, taupe, off-white, cream and the more muted green shades. (In a nautical theme with organic elements, blue is standard) Seagrass matting, jute (link), and ethnic, geometric and bold designs, as well as plain Eco-fabrics, all find their home here depending on the orientation / starting point of your scheme.  Wicker and rattan work here;  and in a Modern Farmhouse interior, this bedroom look has great effect... HERE IS AN ORGANIC STYLE BEDROOM in neutrals...

         BLACK and WHITE  

A monochrome / two-tone statement, black and white may be enlivened or varied in a number of ways that have stood the test of time.  Carry a checkerboard black-and-white design onto floor and wall tiles creating a flow from the bedroom to the en-suite bathroom , put a strong black-and-white big floral motif in the bed-bathroom, use strong diamond patterns and geometric designs, black and white scatters, add a black chandelier, for drama and focus point. Accent colours may be slivers of red, silver and muted metallic or old gold. If there is a fireplace, it ought to be white marble with a checkerboard design surround. This scheme looks immaculate rather than cold, but needs a little muting around the edges. It’s a bedroom that spells privacy. Accessories such as vases must have slim, tall, fluted designs. Above all, in this scheme, do not clutter. Strong storage elements are utterly vital here. See our strong black Japanese cabinet as an example of a strong furniture element working here.

A black-and-white bedroom cannot carry disorder, and it cannot support knick-knacks, potpourri or fussy elements. A neutral base colour on walls is essential (black chalk paint for modern décor ticks the box) and limit paint effects to what is strictly appropriate, streamlined and viable to scheme.                 

BLACK and WHITE always makes a strong, unforgettable impression ...

 be sure you can live with the drama of this interior ...

but it is very rewarding, and strangely soothing.



The feminine, pink, “lady”, floral look bedroom, though less popular than in times past, always has its following when women want to make a statement in a bedroom. In this type of bedroom, certain elements are at home that cannot work in other, bolder schemes. 


the animal print, interesting patterns and textures, and the strong console table and tall mirror all help to relieve what may be an overwhelming pink scheme ~ thus think creatively around PINK bedrooms !

These essentials of pink bedrooms are in brief:-  

Floral Motifs of the SOFTER kind (small sprigs, tiny flowers, poppies, roses, rises, cornflowers)  

Soft girlie colours such as pink, peach, cream and sometimes gold  

Furniture that has an antique or cream patina, but NOT bold baroque – soft  

Lampshades with roses, tassels, and rose-colour crystal knobs. 

Chintzes, satins, duvets, and an en-suite bathroom to carry the scheme and colour through  

This soft pink theme is carried through into the en-suite bathroom,  where a bold print on the wall and strong architectural features

                                     ... again help to carry the PINK and make it interesting


We direct you to our exquisite French-style Headboards and pedestals.  Elements of this style, which can be soft or bold, may include good reproduction French furniture with Regency or Empire styles (1810-1880), gold patina, strong antiqueing but not distressed, dramatic linens. Egyptian cottons and certain silks gloriously enhance Empire styles. Jewel colour, cream and gold, are the leitmotif. A chandelier is beyond must, almost cliché, in such a scheme.  


re-interpreted here in a surprising and very up-to-date way against a raw wall for emphasis. The pattern on chest of drawers is typical, as are candlesticks. The rest of it is pure this century, and draws it into modern rooms ...



This style shares elements such as use of gold and strong colour and design, with other décor schemes, BUT it is a more modern, sleek interpretation with newer furniture styles.  Glass, Perspex, and mirrored surfaces, royal blue linens, tall dressing mirrors, and imposing drapes are at home here.  This look can carry very strong architectural, spatial and sculptural features, such as for instance, Doric columns at the entrance to the bedroom (with black marbling effects, for example), use of wall-to-wall mirror, bold headboards, as well as a tall sofa in banquette style.  


redefined to add drama and emphasis in a more modern take on this popular timeless interior style


It is not a shy style.  Its key words are REGAL, ORNATE, BLING !  



Less popular in South Africa, hugely popular in English and sometimes French-themes interiors of the Olde Worlde kind. This look needs a critical eye, for authentic Vintage is by no means as glossy as its gilded counterparts, that it may be confused with.  Its essence is absolutely understated shabby chic, cool chintzes, faded rose-bespattered quilts, wooden furniture with a distressed look, pleats here and there, a distressed urn or vase on an occasional table, a copper bowl of late roses. It is above all UNPRETENTIOUS and it’s a style that says “I have always been here, I don’t need to advertise myself”. Key colours Old Gold, Soft Rose, Eau de Nil green. It evokes comforting memories, it is a look that supports traditional, inherited pieces of furniture, lace curtains, solid chairs and a certain amount of homely clutter. A fan on a wall, faded souvenirs of long-ago journeys, vintage suitcases, a swansdown powder puff on a dressing table. Its emphasis is blissful domesticity with old-fashioned comfort. Such a bedroom may have exposed beams, creaking floor boards, faded rugs... 

 CORNER OF A NEW BEDROOM LAID OUT IN VINTAGE STYLE ... with gramaphone, table for those Martini cocktails so popular in era, plants also evocative of the era and soft prints in wallpapers ... but note modern touches such as clever lighting and a good newly made, reproduction Classical Chair, make it liveable !



Finally, a very important look in the context of futuristic interiors. This look is ultra-modern, sleek, loft and penthouse style, lock-up-and-go apartment style. Its keyword is SHARP, it is quicksilver and the every antithesis of the previous look. It can carry lots of sliver, a certain amount of black, lots of metallic. Stainless steel vanities, chrome and other sympathetic items flow to en-suite bathroom. Real, cool linens for the bed, are good in this look; big and unusual beds that are statement pieces. A pendant light is usually appropriate, as are the more modern chunky chandeliers.  Our De Luxe range and Contemporary Chairs, work this look best. Chrome, Perspex, plastic blends, modern mixes. Curtains are unusual, blinds a standard, but plain curtains with a contrasting band look great here...


    A VERY WELL PROPORTIONED MINIMALIST BEDROOM                                                  


Mirrors are of EXTREMEST importance in a bedroom, both for practical and aesthetic purposes, and to accessorise and make a strong décor statement. The Look of the mirror must in some way accord with the look of the room, or carry the thread of the room through, to be a successful accessory in its own right. A mirror makes, or breaks, a room. Pair mirrors with décor schemes as follows;-

*Organic : Distressed and Whitewashed mirrors * Black&White : White mirrors, Black Mirror, Sunburst * Pink Ladylike : Gold mirrors, ornamental frames, mirror or mirror look * French/ French Provincial and Hollywood De Luxe : Gold, Silver & mirror on mirror * Vintage : Weathered/Distressed & Gold mirrors * Minimalist / Modern : White, Distressed and mirror on mirror effects. In this way, the eye is trained to bind various décor elements together and to make informed décor choices.  

A final word – a mirror, no matter how expensive, is always a good domestic investment !  See our range of Mirrors to echo these various looks above.


       BEDS and MATTRESSES  

Bed = investment piece, plain and simple. If ever you have to prioritize funding in a bedroom, start here as number one item. Mattress choices are also critical. Some modern improvements include;-  

Memory foam is a polyurethane material sensitive to pressure, thus moulding to the shape of your body, adding support, and feeling  more plush than mere dense foam. This is added as a comfort layer in both innerspring and high density foam mattresses.  Turning of a mattress is not a must with some new manufactures, rather a mattress that must be rotated head to toe. Supplier advice and instructions apply. The degree of firmness of the mattress and the above factors, must all be considered. In the same way that you choose a mattress with care, treat duvets and pillow inners.  


*Categories of linen  

COTTON LINEN : Ccotton & linen fibre blend; linen being a regenerated cellular fibre made from wood. Thinner single strands, or thicker interlocked fibres, may obtain  

EGYPTIAN COTTON:Cotton of longer staple length providing stronger finer yarn,most  superior  

POLYCOTTON: Blend of cotton(natural) & polyester(synthetic) fibres/yarns. Easy to launder, wrinkle-resistant, durable, holds colour well  

LINEN: Fibre made from flax plant – soft to touch, smooth, lint-free, lustrous, may wrinkle, not elastic  

PERCALE: Closely woven plain weave fabric thread count 180 and above (see below – thread count)  

*Thread count  

The higher the thread count, the finer the yarn, the more luxurious the fabric. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. More expensive the higher the count, as the finer the yarn.  

*Care of linen  

Follow manufacturer’s instructions.  Never wash bedlinen with towels, as this causes piling. Remove washing from machine as soon as possible, to minimise creasing. Wash like colours/whites together  






-LUXURY TOUCHES                          Happy Decorating until We Meet Again !