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September 2015



Spring is here !

Before we can relax into the season's joys totally, a little post-winter clearance.

 I.                    SPRING CLEANING, ORGANIZING

Stop hibernating, and start conquering your winter clutter.

Wardrobes and cupboards – sort as follows:-

“now” pile – for things in daily/weekly/constant use, or being worn or used often

“someday” pile – for clothes that may fit again, or special occasion clothes, or sporadic use household items

“never” pile – things, household items or clothes you never reach for

“seasonal” pile – household items or clothes used irregularly, or seasonally, but to a purpose

(in this last category are gumboots, duffel coats, cleaning tools that come out yearly etc.)

Be honest, and except for very cherished items, prepare to be ruthless if you desire order. I would however add to the aforementioned list being punted by the experts, a category for the “sentimental” – a footnote of my own, for a treasure cupboard that every house must have, and keep;- for those useless objects that have immense value, a “first” dress or a scrapbook, some family item or some monument to some rare occasion. Don’t be ruthless with these, but for the rest – DONATE.

NOW – work items from someday pile into never pile. Into bags, out and donate. Declutter the wardrobe or cupboard, declutter the mind. This cleared space can now constitute 40% of previously wasted space. Look again at the now pile, and be sure to act to benefit organisations in need and waiting for it. Then, do not obstruct your intentions by dumping these bags or piles in the garage or hallway – get them out.

 II.                  CLEANING

2.1 Air the spaces, cupboards and wardrobes. Dust and vacuum. Wash out with a good cleaner with lavender or lemon base, for a clean smell. Dry, and hang or place lavender or fragrance bags. Re-pack, but now bring in a SYSTEM. Here are some ways and means to ensure order reigns;-

2.2 Pack seasonal items into clear plastic bins with big, easy-to-read labels. Store out of sight, but in an accessible place, with insect repellent bags. If it is a multitude of items, place inventory on door.

2.3 Ensure spaces are disinfected. Ensure all items such as clothes and blankets are DRY pre-storage.

2.4 Organise household items or clothes by TYPE; like with like, group. Ensure rational groupings.

2.5 Further tips are :

* code or label bins and buckets (by letters, numbers, colours, family member names, etc);

* below-bench and under-counter baskets; wire baskets and jars for cosmetics, foods, cleaning aids; pull-out drawers and wheeled baskets in clear Perspex for bottles of cleaning materials; clothes racks, shoe racks, shoe storage shelves, storage bins, closet organisers in all shapes, sizes & forms.

2.6 Ensure your staff indoor and out, as well as all family members, understand the system/s of storage, so that all members of a household can be asked to co-operate to keep order now.

2.7 Ensure all clothes, blankets, throws, winter linens, and so on are now washed, brushed, dry-cleaned and neatly folded or hung in breathable bags PRE-storage.   Use tissue paper, all of it DRY.

See our Online Shop : Lavender Bags, Drawer Fragrance sachets (in Gifts section) and Storage Boxes. These organisers above from our Spring Catalogue.


* LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER                        * PAINT EFFECTS

LIVING ROOM / TV Room Makeover a short guide

Encourage use of the living room at this time, by ensuring its COMFORT. Spring and summer comfort is of a different category to winter comforts – the throws are packed away, but large lounging cushions and light draped shawls may take their place, the patio becomes an extension of the room. Invite the plants in by creating indoor vertical gardens, and small edible gardens in containers (see our Vases), both very fashionable now, to spill into the living room to get a sense of spring freshness. Colour co-ordinate décor. Think of investing in Wicker and Rattan from our Online Shop, to get the look. Look at our small, exquisite Online Shop Spring Catalogue put together especially with the raw, organic look in mind. Raw, untreated woods, distressed items and  Lanterns, complete the look. Copper remains hugely popular on the international front, look at our Beaten Copper Platters in Spring Catalogue.

Update soft furnishings, scatters and curtains – Interior Décor & Design is here to help you with it. See our Online Shop for all your needs : Cushions, Vases & Urns.

Get this look .. see our Blue Distressed Armoire in our Online Shop : Storage, Chests, Wardrobes, and gorgeous Lanterns in our new Spring Catalogue

Now, relax in this lovely room you have created !


PAINT EFFECTS : a short introduction                                               This is merely a section to set your thoughts on what you want, we can advise from there: Our expert decorator at Interior Décor and Design, is on hand to advise and execute Paint Effects, walls and murals. I give a very short guide here to focus your thoughts on the various looks. Please refer to our Paint Effects Section  : Click.

                Gilding                                                                                       As the name implies, a gold effect is placed, usually an “old gold” look that is achievable and aesthetically pleasing. Technique will depend on the piece to be covered. Gold paint, spray and gold leaf are used. Brass leaf is less expensive, but it is liable to tarnishing when exposed to air. Gold leaf is available in many shades from yellow to copper. Highly sensitive technique, best call in an expert.

                Distressed, Rustic and Weathered                                                     Highly popular, as these effects tie in with the decor trends in organic and downplayed French looks. The idea is to create the appearance of age on an object. Usually two or more colours need to be combined and worked down, with various sanding, brushing, dragging, waxing & ageing techniques. Different types of wood and different shapes of furniture, require its own approach : call an expert.            

                Other – crackling, marbling, florals, limewash, decoupage,stencilling       These are soft looks, and tie in with the desire for subtly washed décor atmosphere in some rooms. Here your imagination can run riot, and some of these effects are lovely for kids’ rooms. Call us ! Our decorator assists with Paint Techniques.


Check out what Nick Stodel, of Stodels Professional Nurserymen (tel 021 - 919 1106/08) says about this month in the garden : 

~ September marks the beginning of the growing season in the garden. It might still feel cold outside, but your garden is gearing up for major growth in the months ahead. This is the best time of the year to give your entire garden a general feeding, and to plant new trees and shrubs ~ (unquote)

Your garden and patio are an extension of your decor scheme, and especially living rooms ! He also recommends planting a new tree for Arbor Day. 

Happy decorating and landscaping !